Moving? prepare large appliances to arrive in top shape
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The secret to a successful move is proper planning. Because your large electrical appliances are both valuable and somewhat delicate, it’s extra important to prepare them correctly. You may need to get started 24-48 before your moving day, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the drill well in advance. TIP: To minimize damage, always tape the electrical cord to any appliance before packing and hire a licensed electrician to help with disconnection, and eventual reconnection at your brand new address.


Do not ever — repeat: EVER — try to move a refrigerator without first emptying its contents. I’ve seen a lot of online posters asking, “Wouldn’t it be simpler just to haul the fridge with all the stuff inside? We’ll be really careful.” If evenĀ one bottle of ketchup or jar of pickles overturns en route, the results wil…………… continues on MyFox Austin

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Innovative and designer appliances for your home
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Home appliances have become a necessity to help us in our busy lifestyles and also to enjoy more time with our family and friends. Some of the latest modern and advanced home appliances make your home chores more efficient and make your life more comfortable. Having a good cooking range / cook top, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer is no more a luxury but a need for everyone, as these machines provide basic needs of every household.

Gorenje, an enterprising and innovative European home appliance company, is the manucfacturer of top quality, energy efficient and technologically advanced home appliances. Their current range of products reflects Gorenje’s absolute committment to design and focus on efficient products. Being one of the top players in the home appliances market for many decades, Nashikites now have the option to have one of their impeccably designed refigerator or the sleek hobs from this store.

Sunbird Kitchens Nashik which is a popular name in modular kitchens is the official and exclusive dealer for Gorenje in Nashik region. It brings the worldclass experience of ultra modern machines to your own city. Gorenje is the only company that manufactures a whole range of white glass appliances.

“We are the only company to have an entire product range to be manufactured in white glass. We have something called the standard range and…………… continues on Times of India

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