LG Will Turn Your Plain Home Appliance Smart With SmartThinQ Sensor
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In the age of the Internet, even home appliances need to be smart. However, these smart appliances can be quite pricey, which is why LG has come up with a brilliant idea and is launching a gadget that can turn a plain oven or refrigerator into a smart one, with the help of “SmartThinQ Sensor”. The company will unveil the smart sensor at the IFA 2015 event from Sept. 4-9 in Berlin.

“Adoption of smart home appliances has been slow because of the perception that the technology is not easily accessible,” LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company President and CEO Jo Seong-jin said.

The new SmartThinQ Sensor can be attached to a home appliance such as an oven, washing machine, or refrigerator, where it can sense the appliance’s temperature and vibration. These readings will then be delivered to the owner’s smartphone that has the SmartThinQ app installed.

With the new innovation, it would be easier for consumers to monitor food in their refrigerator – such as expiry dates on items or how many…………… continues on iDigitalTimes.com

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