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2011 September - Home Appliance Info & News

Home Appliance Info & News


Entries for September, 2011

Designs on energy efficiency

Designs on energy efficiencyNews from Los Angeles Times: September 23, 2011|By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times Its creators call it CHIP — the Compact, Hyper-Insulated Prototype. But onlookers say the 733-square-foot house looks like a pillow or even a spacesuit because of its quilted exterior: Insulation is stretched around the frame rather than stuffed inside [...]

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How washers and dryers became trophy appliances

How washers and dryers became trophy appliancesNews from Washington Post: How washers and dryers became trophy appliances By Jura Koncius, A McLean doctor called Washington’s M&M Appliances a few years ago and ordered a special Valentine’s Day gift for his wife: An LG high efficiency front-loading washer-dryer pair in lipstick red. “He wanted something very [...]

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Panasonic launches Econavi appliance range

Panasonic launches Econavi appliance rangeNews from CNET Australia: The elliptical plate design lets you work on your backhand while you do the laundry.(Credit: Panasonic) Panasonic held a major product launch last week, but there were no TVs or cameras in sight. It’s all about the latest in their wider home appliance range, with some categories [...]

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AEP Ohio Introduces Refrigerator Rebate

AEP Ohio Introduces Refrigerator RebateNews from WTOV Steubenville:AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power, has introduced a $ 25 rebate on ENERGY STAR® refrigerators at select retailers that sell appliances throughout Ohio in an effort to increase consumer awareness and encourage the purchase of energy efficient products.ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators use up to 40 [...]

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Bosch launches home appliances in India

Bosch launches home appliances in IndiaNews from Business Today: Lalatendu Mishra      Mumbai   September 23, 2011     The rising purchasing power of Indian consumers and their changing mindset towards high quality branded products has attracted German conglomerate Bosch to enter India with its premium range of home appliances. BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH), [...]

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Appliance industry news is useful

Appliance industry news is usefulNews from Hometownlife.com: Email this article Appliance industry news is useful Many of the rebates given homeowners last year have expired, but it looks like New York is reinstating theirs when it comes to the purchase of a refrigerator or washing machine. Beginning Sept. 2, A link to this page will [...]

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Smart Energy: Kitchen appliances that save you ‘green’

Smart Energy: Kitchen appliances that save you ‘green’News from NorthJersey.com: Save the planet. Go Green. Reduce your carbon footprint. It seems every company and organization is jumping on the bandwagon to be more environmentally friendly. Manufacturers of kitchen and laundry room appliances can justly claim to be at the forefront of the movement. PHOTO COURTESY [...]

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News from…

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Hints From Heloise: Recycle refrigerator parts

Hints From Heloise: Recycle refrigerator partsNews from Washington Post: Hints From Heloise: Recycle refrigerator parts By Heloise, Dear Heloise: My hint is for recycling parts of an old refrigerator. Before the appliance is hauled away, take out shelves, bins and any part that can be reused. I have a door storage bin that holds spices, [...]

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Cedar Falls firefighters extinguish dryer fire

Cedar Falls firefighters extinguish dryer fireNews from Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Cedar Falls Fire Rescue quickly extinguished a fire in a clothes dryer Tuesday evening. The appliance at 1809 W. Ridgewood Drive caught fire at 10:37 p.m. and was generating smoke in the home. Firefighters used water extinguishers to put out [...]

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